Ethiopia is an encyclopedia of geology and geography open for all to read under the intense blue of African sky. More than this, it is a living book in which the whole story of man from his first beginnings millions of years in the past, through all the stage of his evolution and development, may be studied with awe and wonder.

The traveler in Ethiopia voyage in time as well as in space, for here the drama and beauty of the present illuminated in countless ways by the grandeur and majesty of the past and, in a nation that is building itself a new, by glimpses intuitions of a noble future.

Ethiopia’s bedrock belongs to the earth’s first continent, a continent known by geologists as Gondwanaland, of which Africa forms the largest intact remnant.

Under Ethiopian Skies by:

Graham Hancock

Richard Pankhurst

Duncan Willetts

Its history as an organized and independent country dates back to about 800 BC with a kingdom called DA’MAT emerged in the Northern part of the country, Tigray.

Do you have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate as a professional guide in Ethiopia?​

October, 2021

A monumental Photo Exhibition was organized with the significant goals of promoting Ethiopia, revitalizing the tourism sector, energizing the tourist guides, introducing the different sides of the tourist guide profession, and generating income for the association’s long-term survival.

July, 2021

Excellent initiative participation in support of Ethiopia’s new face of tourism. We should be involved in social responsibility, and to that end, we have helped to embellish Ethiopia by planting trees and donating blood to save our people’s lives.

June, 2021

We went to Addis Ababa Bole Airport, including the new Terminal 2 wing. Emperor Haile Selassie founded Ethiopian Airlines on December 30, 1945, with assistance from TWA. On April 8, 1946, it began operations with a weekly service between Addis Ababa and Cairo using five Douglas DC-3 propeller-driven aircraft.

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