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A tourist guide is a person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritages of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

 Potential tour guides should be fit and healthy with lots of energy and confidence, be able to work effectively without supervision, possess a calm ‘customer focused’ manner, and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Ethiopia is an encyclopedia of geology and geography open for all to read under the intense blue of African sky. More than this, it is a living book in which the whole story of man from his first beginnings millions of years in the past, through all the stages of his evolution and development, may be studied with awe and wonder. The traveler in Ethiopia voyage in time as well as in space, for here the drama and beauty of the present illuminated in countless ways by the grandeur and majesty of the past and, in a nation that is building itself anew, by glimpses of intuitions of a noble future. Ethiopia’s bedrock belongs to the earth’s first continent, a continent known by geologists as Gondwanaland, of which Africa forms the largest intact remnant. Under Ethiopian Skies by:

Graham Hancock

Photo Exhibition

A monumental Photo Exhibition was organized with the significant goals of promoting Ethiopia, revitalizing the tourism sector, energizing the tourist guides, introducing the different sides of the tourist guide profession, and generating income for the association’s long-term survival.

Planting Trees

Excellent initiative participation in support of Ethiopia’s new face of tourism. We should be involved in social responsibility, and to that end, we have helped to embellish Ethiopia by planting trees and donating blood to save our people’s lives.

Our Partners:

Ethiopian Tour Guides Professional Association

Executive Committee

Edena Taye Tokon

14 Years Experience

She has been working as a  Freelance Tour Guide, as a Tour leader and organizer for different Tour companies, Tour Operator formal of Ethiopian Women’s Tourist Guide Associations,(E.W.T.G.A). completed diploma courses of Tourist Guide, and different certificates short course. A proud member of ETGPA and Serving as Executive committee.

Atsinaf Alemu 

10+ Years Experience

Have a diploma in Tour guide and Tour operation as well as French language. Speaks : Amharic, English and French working as a tour guide with an experience of 10 years. Serving Ethiopian Tourist guides professional association as one of The Executive committee members

Yohannes wassie

10+ Years Experience

Graduated in Geography and Environmental Studies major and Minor Demography. Diploma in Tour Guiding. A freelance Tourist guide , tour manager and tour organizer. More Passionate in Natural and Historical/ Archaeological attractions  

Founding member of ETGPA and executive committee

Henok Tsegaye

16 Years Experience

He  is a Tourism Management graduate and worked in different positions progressively. He worked as a tourist guide, tour manager, tour leader, expedition leader and department head of different national and international organizations. He is one of the founding members of Ethiopian Tourist Guides Professional Association (ETGPA) and since its establishment, he is serving as the Secretary General.

Endegnanew Assefa (Endy)

8+ Years Experience

He would like his career to revolve around guiding, due to his passion in presenting the country’s great natural and historical heritage to clients from all around the world. He has hope to make a contribution in making Ethiopia one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Founding member and Vice president.

Ashenafi Sileshi


Graduated with History Major and Geography Minor as well as Tour Guiding, Ashenafi Sileshi is a well seasoned freelance tourist guide, travel experience leader and organizer. He is a member of experts working on the conservation of the Liben Lark. Ashenafi is the founding member and Executive Committee of ETGPA since its inception.

Ashenafi kassa

16+ Years Experience

President of the Association. Graduated in Masters of business administration and previously completed toirism different training to be qualified professional. He serve in tourism industry as Tour guide and Tour manager for more than 16 years in the industry.

Getnet Tilahun

14 Years Experience

 has been a freelance Tour Guide, for the last 14 years and working as a tour leader, tour operator and organizer for different companies. Completed his diploma in Tourist Guide and different certificates courses of tourism. A proud member of ETGPA and serving as the Executive committee.

Kibrom Tesfay

15 Years Experience

Public relation head at Ethiopian tourist Guides professional association (ETGPA).Founding member, and executive committee. Graduated BA Degree in management from Bahirdar U, studied tour guide for 3years at CTTI, Addis Ababa, and some other short training certificates. He is a national certified tourism professional. He has been working  in different positions like Company manager, college teacher, tour leader, tour guide and in  other related responsibilities.